Monday, July 11, 2011

karma is a you know what.

lets pretend me and hubby had a wonderful, amazing, perfect saturday...

Awhile back my boss gave me a gift certificate to The Counter in Torrance. Its a make-your-own-hamburger restaurant and it was so yummy. You choose your meat, sauces, toppings, cheese, and bun. Mister got onions, jalapenos, lettuce and tomato. I got mine with lettuce, tomato, hard-boiled egg, bacon, and off course, mayo!  The best part of the lunch were the onion rings.  They were really thin and had a good sweet and salty taste to them.  It was nice to have my mom there with us because we didn't have to ask the waiter to take our picture!

After relaxing the rest of the day, hubby headed over to seal beach for some church softball.  They had a double header this week, so it was softball all night! Me and my mom brought dinner to the game and watched mister do his thing while eating yummy sandwiches. I enjoy watching mister play baseball so much more than having to watch basketball.  His clothes are cuter, and there hasn't been as much confrontation with the other ward teams...yet! After the game we ended our night with yogurtland with mikey & sharon.

i love my husband, and i'm glad he's ALL MINE forever. 


  1. Geez, that really sucks! What a stud-muffin of a hubby you have for sticking up for you! I know that must have been really hard for him to do, and I know you guys must just feel sick about the whole thing. I'm so sorry. I will never understand how some of the very people who tout Christlike love can feel justified in being so ridiculously cruel...and I don't even know the whole story! I wish you guys the best and send all my love and sympathy your way!

  2. yeah it sucks...a lot! btw, i deleted the first part because hubby didn't want everyone to see what an inconsiderate family he has. seriously...who asks their son/brother to not bring his wife to the family wedding?!

  3. you know tessa maybe you should start putting both sides up here and let people see everything thing have said or done to this family i hope you can understand that you arent the only one that has been hurt in this family im pretty sure i can count like 8 people in this family that you have hurt by the thing that you keep doing. this family is NOT inconsiderate i have been in this family for 10 years you one. I would never in a million years disrespect my inlaws the way you have no matter what. And if you dont understand why you werent welcome to the wedding i think you should go back and read everything that you wrote to everyone and then maybe you will understand if i would of wrote the things that you did i would never think for one second that i would be invited to that wedding. and i am not saying any of this because me and errin are close im saying this because i know this family and they are nothing like the way you protray them to be! I hope you will stop using your facebook and blog to stop talking crap about our family and have a little more respect for your in laws. thank you!

  4. umm hello, do you REALLY want me to put how the story goes on here? Because i'm pretty sure EVERYONE will see how ridiculous your side is. im just being real and saying what the truth is while you guys want to live in your pretend "i'm perfect, i have a perfect life" worlds. You & errin are in major denial that me and david are part of the family! I guess its easier to think you have such wonderful in laws when your own real parents treat you like crap...maybe that's why you and errin get along so great! I don't tell you what you can put on your blog or facebook, so don't tell me what i can put on mine. THANK YOU!

    p.s.-learn how to count...i've been part of the family three years, not one.

  5. It’s funny you know so much about my parents and how they treat me when my mom has been dead for three years or the same time you “claim” to be a part of this family. My mom actually always taught me to treat my family and in-laws with respect, something you obviously never learned. And my in-laws treat me well because I treat them well, I don’t ruin their birthday parties by yelling and cussing at others (in front of little children) and trying to start fights.
    And actually you and David haven’t been married for a year yet, so you are right I don’t know how to count, you have only officially been a part of this family for a little more than 11 months. Although many would argue that you stopped being a part of this family once you began attacking everybody in it and trying to tear this family apart including your hubby's relationship with his family. We all miss and love David and are sad that your actions have caused him to feel like he must choose between you and the Ulrich family. You’re the delusional one living in the “perfect” world where you think you have done nothing wrong when everything out of your mouth is hurtful. But I have better things to worry about so go ahead and keep blogging or writing whatever lies you want to tell yourself to make you feel better about the things you have done to hurt the family you claim to be a part of.

  6. Whoa! I think the word we are looking for is..."anyways"...I just wanted to comment on how amazing those hamburgers look! You and your hubby are super cute! I love you girl...and hang in there! :)

  7. "Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything for you, and love you no matter what." ♥
    i am so thankful for you in my life.i have never expected you to be perfect but telling someone not to be a bitch (cussing) isn't going to make me love you one bit less...i love you to the moon!

  8. Those hamburgers look amazing! My husband's Grandma (Gaye Deniston--maybe in your parents ward??? I think I heard that somewhere...)lives in LB. Hopefully next time were out that way visiting her we can grab a burger there. Yummy! They look so good :)

  9. haha anyways...those hamburgers were really good...and it was crazy on how many toppings their were. everything from cranberries, pineapple, cucumbers, and peppers.

    yes, we know sister deniston...she is in my parents ward...which is mine and david's ward too! small world!!

  10. Hi, I think you are great, and so many other people do too. I think your parents are just awesome, and they raised you very well.
    But, as I have learned, we shouldn't care what others think of us, it's what we think of ourselves that counts.
    (I should remember that more often than I do.)
    Be your amazing self....good luck with everything.