Monday, July 18, 2011

saturday nights

hubby and i spent our saturday night with some of our favorite people, grandpa bill & auntie diana.
we went to mister's favorite spaghetti place, vince's, and they didn't disappoint. 
there was yummy soup, cheesy salad, lots of spaghetti, & garlic bread for dinner....
and of course, junior mints for dessert!
we love those two so much and they are always entertaining, telling us old stories & about funny things that have happened in their lives lately. 
usually auntie diana is the one laughing, and grandpa bill is the one rolling his eyes
...saturday was no exception!
after dinner, we went a couple doors down to see michael, kalita, and the kids. 
oh how we love our nieces and nephews and we definitely miss seeing all of them.
i was so happy to see a few of them; kaylie, karsen, and made our day! 
093 751 980

mister's going to make such a good dad...khloe loved him! i can't wait til those are our babies he's holding!
093 51 98

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