Friday, September 10, 2010


today was cleaning day. i washed, i scrubbed, i vaccuumed, i folded. 
i felt like a wife...(and a maid, ok not really.)

i started back at my nanny job yesterday.
i forgot how hard it is to get up at six in the morning.
i forgot that i don't like to make scrambled eggs for boy 1, fried eggs for boy 2, and boiled eggs for boy 3.
i also forgot how much a love those kids. they are sometimes bratty, sometimes cranky, sometimes don't listen, but they ALWAYS love on each other every morning. 

cowboy gets off of work in a few minutes, and since its friday and the library isnt open for studying, i get him all to myself tonight. we are thinking of going to target for dinner at the little food thing there, gift cards are allowed! and we have A LOT of those
a little ghetto for date night, yes. do we care, no. haha
ps. sorry for my lack of pictures. camera is till dead, and i haven't charged it. eek.

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