Wednesday, September 8, 2010


sunday cowboy and i celebrated our one month wedding "anniversary" with a picnic at the park. unfortunately my camera was dead so i had to settle with a disposable camera to capture our day.

we finally got a new couch on monday. its nice not sitting on camping chairs and/or our dining room table chairs. it's finally starting to feel like we actually are living in a "home" not just a storage unit.

school's been in session for a few weeks. anatomy is going better than i thought, except for the part that i have to disect a CAT?! what the heck. not looking forward to that.

David got called to be the young mens assistant to the aaronic priesthood. I'm not too excited that he has to go to mutual on wednesdays, but i guess i have to learn to share him.  He also received a phone call on monday asking if we would give talks on sunday, he said yes, without even asking me. I definitely would have made something up to get out of it.

i love my cute/funny/silly/sweet husband.
even when he is late for dinner, and the jambalaya and cornbread gets cold.

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  1. Tessa,
    Your wedding photos are beautiful. You made a gorgeous bride and what a handsome groom. Your mom doesn't look like she has aged a day since I first met her in Alex's 4th grade year. Your happiness just shines through your writing. It makes me smile.

    Carol Diamond