Saturday, September 25, 2010

money never sleeps.

last night we saw this:

over all it was pretty good. i could have done without shia labeouf, and david wanted someone to play winnie who was a little easier on the eyes...?

after the movie i had one of these:
full of warm vanilla milk. it was delicious.

friday is definitely my favorite day. 
no school. no work. and its date night which means i dont have to cook dinner!

last weekend we had a little getaway to san diego where david had a firm tour. although it was nice to get away, i was sick the whole trip, so that was a bummer. we drove around san diego on saturday and got to see a bunch of sea lions in san onofre. 
pictures coming soon...i still can't find my charger...story of my life.

married life is good. i love my hubby,

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