Tuesday, October 5, 2010


two months of being married today.

marriage is definitely a lot different than what i thought it was going to be, not gonna lie. For some crazy reason i thought i was gonna be the one girl with the perfect husband...not wanting to play video games, taking out the trash without being asked, NO FOOTBALL(crazy i know!)...and i also thought i was going to be a perfect wife...always have the house clean and tidy, dishes washed, clothes put away, bathrooms cleaned, etc. so, with these expectations of both of us, marriage turned out to be different. we get in arguments, the house is messy, we eat frozen food...a lot! I am so so so so glad the cowboy is such a patient, easygoing, relaxed husband. he reminds me to take a breath and relax, and lets me be bratty pretty much all the time. i LOVE him.

in other news:
-i start dissecting a cat on wednesday for my anatomy lab. i hope i dont get too freaked out, and start thinking its my own cat daughter, isabella. When i walked into my class on monday, there was a human cadaver out! it was so freaky knowing that it is a real person, but also so interesting. i told my group i rather dissect a human cadaver than a cat, and they thought i was crazy.
-my bestest friend is engaged...finally! hooray! i am so excited for her.
-david passed his CPA test, and has another one tomorrow!
-in addition to being the sales/assembly girl at cookie shoppe, i start as a decorator in a few weeks!



  1. Tessa, I'm glad you can be so honest about marriage not being what you expected right off. I remember being a little...surprised...too. :)

    You're digging through cadavers? EEK! I'm with you though, I'd totally rather dissect a person then a cat!

    What sort of program are you working toward at school? Good luck girl!

  2. Tessa I remember going through this same thing, unfortunatly the video game thing never changes, or im still holding out hope that maybe one day when he is 105 he won't want to play anymore!!

  3. haha, boys will be boys.
    meg...im pre-nursing right now, hoping to apply to nursing school within the next year!