Monday, April 9, 2012

old phone equals old pictures!

oh my gosh. i found so many pictures from my old phone that i sent to my old email! 
love reminiscing and seeing how little all the kids look. 
i think this is our nephew austin as a newborn.

 boogie the bird. he was so fun!

the boys i babysit. they look SO tiny compared how old they look now. 
i think this was taken and sent to their mom on the first day of school in 2009.

our nephew carter!

david the mountain man. he had to shave after we got back from hawaii so he sent me a pic so i could always remember his sexy scruff. i love it!!!

bratty mister.

our niece kaylie loved to take pictures on the phone. 

 new years day 2009. we both had such short hair compared to now!
 the jessica pose!
 our nephew troy. so so so tiny. i don't even remember him being this little!
 our nephew karsen. he's doubled in size since this!
p.s. what in the world is up with my chola eyebrows. like really?! 
they are so thin and far apart. haha

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