Thursday, January 5, 2012

the bright life

our 2012 food adventures started at BJ's on monday night.
we called ahead and still had to wait 45 minutes,
but the salad, pizza, jambalaya, root beer, & mountain dew made it worth it.
i love mountain dew, especially when i can get refills.

i also finished a really good book last night called, Facing the Son by Kris Belcher. it talks about the different "light blockers" that we can let in our life & how we can "face the son" by things such as hoping for good things to come, turning complaints into prayers, & choosing not to be offended.  there were a lot of events that happened in the last year that really put a damper on my spirit.  this year i am going to make a conscious effort to not let the way people treat me, effect me as much as it did last year. i am a brave girl, and i know i deserved to be treated with respect, but i can't make people act a certain way. i can only hope attitudes are better and people stand up for what is right. reacting to people's actions & attitudes, only "blocks the light" that can be in my life.
i want this year to be bright, so bright it is going to be!


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