Thursday, August 25, 2011

a little of this, a little of that.

Mister's church softball team were the stake champions!
good job boys!

We were invited to mister's coworkers birthday picnic in santa monica and ventured over to the lovely venice beach for a little walk. it was my first time there and i saw a lot of interesting people and things.
lots of psychics, hair feather sales people, street acts, funny signs from the homeless people, henna tattoo artists, and reggae apparel.

monday night, we met up with our favorite grandpa bill and auntie diana for dinner.
we skipped out on bj's and went to olive garden this time. yummy, they have the best bread sticks & who doesn't love never ending pasta.
dinner was followed with a chocolate birthday cake for mister...always an excuse for dessert!
and of course grandpa never disappoints,
he made it over to the next table as we were leaving to talk with the Chinese family, turns out they are Filipino...good things he knows Tagalog too!

we are moving this week...where to? 
we don't know yet. hopefully we figure it out soon. like really soon.

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