Sunday, August 28, 2011

bride to be, melanie!

on friday night we celebrated this girl!
she is getting married to david's little brother, chad, in december.
they are super in love & whenever she talks about him, you know she is his perfect match.

 the bride to be!
the wedding color: plum
all the Ulrich girl's!
lingerie for the bride!
sausage, tomato & cheese pizza
 peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia & chocolate chip pazookie platter!
 kalita and juli
 kalita & me, purple twinsies!
p.s.- jessica you better blog the pictures from after dinner!


  1. I love how Juli's awkwardly in the background of yours and Melanie's picture...haha!

  2. haha, i didn't even notice that. awkward.
    i should have had the waiter take the picture of all of us...then we would all actually be IN the picture. oops.