Wednesday, June 1, 2011

good company!

On saturday, mister and i were treated to a yummy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, BJ's!
 its always a lot of fun eating good food with good company.

this is mister's auntie diana. we absolutely love her! she is super sweet & kind & isn't afraid to remind you of just how much she loves you with lots of "i love you's", hugs, and kisses! 
& this is mister's grandpa bill. we love him so much too! he reminds me a lot of my grandpa higley which makes me love him even more. we heard a few new jokes and lots of stories about his wife/mister's grandma. i wish i could have met her...she seemed like my kind of lady!
i got the tomato and cheese pizza(yum!) & the hubby got the spicy spaghetti(that wasn't so spicy!)

dessert didn't disappoint! chocolate chip pazookies and brownie pazookies all around!
we're so thankful to have these people in our life. they are definitely one of a kind!
until next time....!
we love you auntie diana & grandpa bill.

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