Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bride to be

meagan is getting married on saturday!!!
to celebrate, the girls took her out for one last night as a single lady!

we were hot mama's in our BYU stickered mini-van.
we took a detour to go window shopping at the outlets.
we ate yummy food and had virgin drinks at the Yardhouse.
we opened naughty presents in public!!!
we walked around palm springs & learned not much happens on a tuesday night.
we decided to be like the golden girls when we get old.
we wore red lipstick.
we celebrated the birthday princess, Alise, with balloons and breakfast.
we were offered the waitresses strip for us. awkward.
we learned over packing is better than under packing
we were dancers & models.
we learned a queen bed can sleep five girls...can you say squished?!
we became pro at taking self timer pictures
we sunbathed & got this summers first tan lines.
we said hello to the dinosaurs on our way home.

we had so much fun just hanging with husbands or boyfriends...but just the girls. 
& in the words of our missing lady in action,'s it!



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