Friday, April 1, 2011

food and friends

we like to eat out...mainly because i don't like to make dinner.
sometimes we go to restaurants, sometimes we go to fast-food, most of the time we go to my mom's house. 

2nd street has a yummy italian place called "La Strada". I get the chicken lasagna and mister gets the tortellini.
david gets embarrassed when i take out my camera to take pictures of the food, and i used to be embarrassed too...but am i really going to see any of these people in the restaurant ever again?
i don't think so.

tonight we went to chronic tacos in seal beach. i had the breakfast burrito and it was so so good. david had the marinated pork tacos with a bunch of gross onions, cilantro, and salsa on it. he said they were good!

on st. patrick's day, this pretty girl turned ONE! 
i can't believe how fast time goes by. i remember going to see macy and her mommy at the hospital a couple of hours after she was born. she was so pretty, and i instantly loved her! 
now she is the cutest one year old & a mini-me of her mom, brindie!

 big blue eyes, and crazy long eye lashes

i love this picture because it looks like she has lipstick on

miss brindie-la! we've known each other since we were babies and were practically sisters growing up. i can remember spending days upon days at her house in the summer, calling her in kindergarten to match our outfits for the next day, going to lake perris in the motorhome, playing house and school, and having pork chops and apple sauce for dinner. she is such a good mommy, and i can't wait till we both have little babies who can be best friends too!

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