Friday, March 15, 2013

the present journey.

Remember when i used to actually blog about stuff other than little mister samuel.
yeah it has been a long since before i found out he was coming 30ish weeks.

Life is so crazy busy and tiring right now. between growing a human, being in my first semester of nursing school and working, i pretty much just want to curl up in a ball and wake up with it all being over...especially the school part! but that's how life goes sometimes...and before i know it, i will be taking care of a baby and be nurse tessa.

samuel: i haven't done much to prepare for this new little man. just like before we have a bassinet and some clothes and that is pretty much it...but as my boss said: all sammy d needs is a mom and dad and grandma too...which is so true. The baby shower will be sometime in april, but that's pretty much all we have planned concerning that. The hospital tour still hasn't been scheduled, pre-admission paper work is still blank, and birthing classes haven't been signed up for. i have a big idea in my head of how i want samuel's little corner in our room to look, but with everything going on, who knows when that will get done.

school: nursing school is tough. i've learned so much already, and we have barely even started our student nursing career. We have lecture tests every week, and are tested on "skills" every week as well.  This was our first week working with patients at the hospital and that was an eye opening experience. I can definitely say that as much as i love conversing and communicating with the older patient population, i would rather work with pediatric patients concerning the patient care. We are almost half way through the semester, so time is flying by, but i'm sure it will slow down as i get more pregnant and tired. booo!

work: i stop working in two-ish weeks, and i am both relieved and sad. this will be the first time since i was 16 that i haven't had a "job", but going to school and being in my last trimester of pregnancy will be a "job" in itself i suppose. It will be nice to have a day off to rest and get some school work done. I have been really blessed having the job, co-workers, and boss that i do for the last four years, and it will be bittersweet to say goodbye, but it's time. Speaking of work, i miss my husband. It's that time of year again for him, where we only get to see each other for an hour or so a night. sometimes i find myself envious of people i see that get to hang out with their spouse and go and do fun stuff, eat dinner together, hang out on the weekends...but then i remind myself that we are all on different journeys and some sacrifice and stress now, will be worth it in the end. i still do not like tax season though.

so there you have it. life is full of pregnancy, school, and work right if you don't see much of anything else, it's because that's the journey we're on.

love, t&d&sam

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