Sunday, January 20, 2013

bring it on, new year!

it's the beginning of a new year yet again(yes, i realize it's almost the end of january!). every year i am amazed at how fast time seems to fly by. i can totally remember being 9 years old and ringing in was that already 13 years ago?! this new years eve was a lot more low key than last year, and we rang it in trying not to fall asleep, watching the countdown with my mom and little brother. i literally woke david up when the countdown got to the last 50 seconds. 

last year i made a list of our resolutions: 
"more temple trips, scripture reading, praying, eating healthy, drinking water, less arguing, more love!, nursing applications, painting, cooking, passed cpa exam, journal keeping, picture taking, & baby making. 
we'll see about the last one {haha}, but i have a feeling 2012 is going to be good to us!"

some were fulfilled a lot better than others, but for the most part, i'd say we did pretty good! a nursing application was submitted, and a couple months later, an acceptance letter was received! the last and final cpa test was taken and passed by mister! lots of picture taking took place(even though i've become a horrible blogger)! and most importantly baby making was successful! little samuel is coming in may! 2012 was one of the most exciting years of our lives. 

thinking about this upcoming year, and all it has in store for us makes me tired/excited/sad/happy. not only do i start school in two-ish weeks, mister's busy season has already started and the long work days are going to be getting longer as the days go by. although i'm not very excited about this, i am grateful that we were blessed with his job last year! and even more grateful that busy season will be over with once samuel arrives. I also will be almost done or even maybe done(won't hold my breath) with my first semester of the nursing program when he makes his grand debut! i'm already sad just thinking about having to leave him in late august to start my second semester, but i know he will be well taken care of playing all day with grandma, plus i have all summer to spend all day with him! 

things are moving along as far as baby plans go. i finally went through all of my clothes and got rid of the things i no longer need/want and got everything folded and put away...this has been on my to-do list since we got married...and i think it's the first time david has seen all of my clothes actually put away. it was a small miracle! we bought a big armoire last weekend for all of sammy's belongings and his bassinet finally has a place that isn't in the middle of our little one bedroom apartment. eventually we would like to move into a two bedroom, but our set up here is perfect as far as location/price goes, so we will be sticking it out for now...and probably for the rest of nursing school? i've also been doing A LOT of reading on birthing and everything baby and am going to go for an all natural birth. if you would have told me this five years ago, i would have said a big "no way!!!" but the more i read, the more i am convinced it's the best way to go for me. is it crazy that i am actually a tad bit excited to give birth?! i have my next doctors appointment next week, and i'm nervous/excited to see how baby's growing...hopefully he slowed down and is on track with his weeks since i was measuring big at my 20 week appointment! 

2013 is looking like a lot of school, work, and babies...and i wouldn't have it any other way! 


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