Sunday, November 4, 2012

it's a great day to be thankful.

in honor of my favorite holiday, thanksgiving
i thought i'd do some thankful posts this month.

we are thankful for grandpa bill & auntie diana! they are some of our favorite people and we love to spend time with them. since my grandpa ortega passed away before i was born, and my grandpa higley left for heaven a few years ago, i am so thankful for the grandpa i inherited when i married mister. he has countless stories about his adventures growing up and can always bring a smile to our face. auntie diana is one of my favorite women because she makes you feel so special and loved. she gives the best hugs and has the best reactions to good news. i will be forever grateful to have these two wonderful people in my life and for all they do to make mister and i feel loved. we love you!

love, t&d&baby

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