Monday, October 15, 2012

let the adventures begin.

And so our journey begins.
We have had so much good news this last month and we feel so blessed.
Today marks four years since mister and i met each other. It's crazy to think how many changes have happened in those four years. Who knew the boy i met at institute would ultimately become my husband & father of our sweet little baby growing in my belly!

{super long post, but i want to remember our baby's story of how he/she came to be!}

I've been baby crazy since i can remember. I always knew my calling in life was to be a mother. After mister and I got married, as badly as i wanted to have a baby right then, i knew that it was best for us to just be "us" for a little while. When mister got a job at the beginning of this year, i knew it was a good time to start thinking about when we should start trying for a little babe. I thought about it a lot, and i also bugged him about it a lot too! I think i would ask him a couple times a week when he wanted to have a baby. Of course mister being mister i got a lot of i don't know's in reply. While i thought about babies, i also thought a lot about what else the future had in store. As much as i dislike school, i knew it was best for me to finish it. I had been taking the pre-requisites to apply for nursing school, but also knew that it would most likely take a lot of applications before i got accepted into one. I still thought it would be a good idea to schedule the arrival of a baby during the summer, so that i could at least transfer and finish up a degree in who knows what. By this time it was about to be July. I again started with my never ending questions to mister of when he wanted to have a baby & explained to him all of my crazy "well if we want a baby in this month then i need to get pregnant in this month." Well the day finally came, and mister told me we could start trying whenever i wanted. woo.hoo! This in turn started me on crazy google search of pregnancy statistics, which had me thinking it would take at least three months to get pregnant after being on birth control. crazy, i know! Well the time finally came, and it was baby making time...of course it just happened to be a super busy week for david at work too, so not much baby making went on. haha! Before we knew it, two weeks had passed and septemeber 11th came and i had yet to start my period. I had a feeling all day long that i was pregnant but thought for sure there was no way i could be. I told mister i would take a pregnancy test the next morning, but couldn't wait, so i went to the store that night and bought a pack while he was still at work. Those three minutes went by sooo quickly, and i was in total disbelief when i saw the two dark pink lines. All i remember doing is running around our house saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" and then being in a frenzy to come up with something creative to tell him that he was going to be a daddy when he got home! I ended up making a sign that said "you + me = baby ulrich" and hung it on the wall so he would see it when he walked in the door!

So there's how baby came to be...but that's not the end of the good news.
I found out that i was accepted into the nursing program at Long Beach City College a couple weeks ago! I was shocked to say the least, because this was the first time that i had applied. This program is very impacted and a lot of people apply each semester, anywhere from 400-700, and only 40 people are accepted. Everything was to work out perfectly, because i planned the baby to come in late may, and school ends in the middle of may. I say was, because i found out that my school added a winter intersession for the first time, meaning that the semester doesn't start until february and ends in the first week of june. I'm still going to nursing school and i'm hoping this baby stays cooking for as long as possible...and if baby decides to come on time or even earlier, i'm prepared to suck it up and go back to school a few days after the baby is born. David and I have so much support, and my mom is already on board to babysit while i'm in school for the next two years.

Even though everything seems so crazy, i know that everything happen for a reason, and that i wouldn't be given anything that i can't handle. I'm so grateful to be having a baby, and i'm also so grateful that i got accepted into nursing school! Mister is so excited for the baby, and my parents are so happy to be having their first little grand-baby!

...let the adventures begin!

8 weeks

8 weeks 4 days
going to the doctor to see the little sour patch baby for the first time.
we saw the little heart beating and the baby was even kicking its teeny-tiny legs!
i can already tell our baby is SO cute!

love, t&d&baby

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