Monday, September 10, 2012

lots of love.

outback. steak. garlic mashed potatoes. bloomin onions. clam chowder. chocolate cake. grandpa bill. auntie diana. mister. good company. good conversation. lots of stories. cookies. sunflowers. 
lots of love!

we love these two a whole lot! before mister and i were married we saw a little clip at the movie theater about a group who sends veterans to Washington DC to explore and see all the different monuments the city has to offer. mister sent in an application for his grandpa and two years later they finally called!!! this trip is all expenses paid...airfare, hotel, food, tours, etc.! grandpa is excited to go and we are so excited for him as well. we are thankful for grandpa and his service to this wonderful country we live in and hope he has a great time this week in DC...he so deserves it!

love, t&d

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  1. That's cool! Just got back from DC and loved it. So want to move there for residency!