Sunday, September 2, 2012

last sunday in san luis obispo

After dancing the night away at the ewry wedding we headed back to our hotel and rested up for a fun sunday in san luis obispo. i sometimes feel like an old lady, because being up and out past 10 pm makes me oh so tired! i slept in and mister ate breakfast all by himself in the lobby & then we were out and about for the day. 

first stop was downtown san luis obispo. i really liked this main street a lot better than the one in santa barbara mainly because it was more laid back and wasn't so "uppity"... meaing there were places to eat that didn't cost 25 bucks a plate. we decided on the habit for lunch and really liked the hamburgers. it tasted like a mix between five guys and in-n-out. next up was finding the urinal waterfall at the madonna inn. yes, you heard right...a urinal that is actually a waterfall. i obviously didn't get a picture of this because it's in the men's restroom, but if you want to see it, then google away! mister seemed to be pretty amused with it! after this adventure we ended our san luis obispo mini-tour with a trip to the avila valley barn which has fresh fruits & produce, pony rides, and a petting zoo. we saw alpacas, goats(a big pregnant one!), ducks, pigs, ostriches, and cows. mister's favorite animal was the cow named abby. he is very adament that when we have a baby girl her name is going to be abigail and we will call her abby?! when he saw the "abby" sign he knew his name picking was meant to be. after visiting all the animals we ate fresh peaches and roasted corn. yum!

we had such a good weekend and it was nice to have a little vacation to celebrate new marriages and just have some time alone with each other. life is good. i love my mister.
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