Monday, July 23, 2012

lunch & dinner dates + some pets.

it's nice to have mister working so close to home. he gets to sleep in later & get home earlier & i get to go on lunch dates with him. it's a win win!

chad, david's brother, and his wife melanie are down from utah for the summer. it's nice to have some child-less family to hang out with...even if it's just for dinner on a friday night. we went to super mex in belmont shore and then walked down second street. these two talked about accounting/sports the whole time, while melanie and i talked a whole lot about babies...i've officially found someone more baby crazy than me! 

this picture of louie makes me smile. he's always itching so sometimes he has to wear a onsie. 
he looks like a furry little toddler in it. 

my kitty daughter isabella modeling one of mom's necklaces she makes. such a pretty cat.
love, t

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  1. Tessa, your pets are so adorable! I couldn't stop laughing at the kitty modeling! lol :)