Thursday, May 17, 2012

part one.

part one of our weekend adventure.

friday: breakfast burrito from the original green burrito. boring 5 freeway. country music for 6 hours. farmers market. fresh fruit. wide open spaces. cows. farms. arriving. too much luggage. oh so cold. exploring. pretty church doors. Bacon, Lettuce, Avacado, Tomato. hurting feet. sleep!

saturday: multiple outfit changes. elevator talking. thrift stores. breakfast. first time subway rides. gypsy jewelry girls. matching purses. walking. street performers. pretty flowers. shopping. big pretty hearts. more walking. the never ending piers. disappointing bridges. san fran clam chowder. fried shrimp and chips. seagull attacks. hill climing. tiredfeet/uncomfy shoes=barefoot walking. trollys. tired tessa...grumpy tessa. hotel!. shaking legs. delivery pizza. sleep!

part two: a lovely day with kelly rae roberts and andrea scher coming soon...!

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