Sunday, March 18, 2012

the long beach giving project & a thrifted outfit.

tonight i had the opportunity to attend an amazing event...

"INSPIRED BY Oprah's "Big Give" and "Idol Gives Back," Justin Rudd, director of the nonprofit Community Action Team (CAT), said that approx. $15,000 in goods and services were given locally to those who need it most during the 5th annual Long Beach Giving Project."

My mom participated in this event the first year they had it, and got to help a lot of people in the community. This year she was a judge, and helped to decide who was the ultimate giver. 
Ten people from the long beach community were given $1,500 to spend on people/places they felt could use the money. The "givers" did everything from buying peoples grocery's, school supplies, prescription glasses, paid car repairs, gave to in need organizations like the mental health center, homeless pre-school, VA hospital, & animal rescues, helped the homeless, paid off lay-aways, and many other wonderful things. 

This event really puts into perspective just how lucky i am. i have a roof over my head, i have food in my fridge, i have an opportunity to receive an education, i have shoes on my feet, i have a family that loves me, a husband with a good job, health insurance...these are just a few!
i am so blessed. 

I really enjoyed hearing everyone's stories of their giving & 
hope i can do more to help those in need.


nothing beats a cute sunday outfit from the thrift store.
gray christian dior skirt & navy blouse my thrift-er brother found.
gold and stone necklace my mother found.
yes, please!

life is so good, and getting better.


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