Tuesday, January 10, 2012

food, home, and work.

school and jobs were started. i'm liking my schedule and the professors. 
new years resolutions of "eating healthy" have not fully started as you can see in the picture below.
then again it was pretty much the only real food i had all day, so i guess it wasn't too bad for me.
we tried out volcano burger for the first time on saturday.
 it was pretty yummy & the fries were hot and crispy and some guy even gave us his extra fries
{ha, thanks stranger!}
yesterday we had wienerschnitzel for dinner, and today i had taco bell for lunch.
at least i had salad for dinner tonight with a soda of course and a brownie for dessert.

valentines day decorating has somewhat started. i like red, so its really just going to be year round decorations at my house. i need to get pictures of other people besides me and david because we seem to be having an abundance of those everywhere else in our house. 

the start of the headboard is finally here. the frames are from my wedding and so are the pictures inside, hence all the engagement pictures, and why some are upside down. i LOVE walking into the bedroom and seeing it finally hung up! thanks mom and dad. i have a huge heart to hang above the dresser the lamp is on, more pillows to put on the bed & probably some type of quote or something to stamp on the glass.

valentines displays have started at work, too! these are my favorite cookies we have for love day decorated by yours truly. i like the red one. its says sexy all over it!


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