Monday, September 12, 2011

busy bee

life these days are busy busy busy.

i start my day at seven playing mom to three boys.
waking them up is a task in itself. then showers are taken. breakfast is made (scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs) and eaten. clothes are put on. teeth are brushed. hair is combed. cartoons are watched. shoes and socks and then we are off. one school for two boys. another for the oldest. 
five days a week.

two days a week i go to school til 6:45.
the other three days i work till 6 decorating cookies. 

this is why i LOVE going out with mister.
we went to one of our favorites, Taco Surf on main street
& then took a nice walk on the seal beach pier.
the weather was nice, the sunset was pretty, and my husband is cute.

p.s- yes, my "U" necklace is pretty much my new favorite thing. 
i wear it all the time; as a necklace & a bracelet.
i love love love it. 
thanks mother dear!


  1. You ARE busy!!! I really admire you! we still haven't made our way back to school :/ Keep it up! :)