Saturday, August 6, 2011

palm springs with my "one year old" husband!

when i think i palm springs, i think of hot weather and mini family vacations growing up.
now that mister and i are our own little family, we ventured out to the desert for our own mini vacation to celebrate our first year of marriage. marrying david was the best decision i have made. he is the funniest, most loving, & handsome man i know; which is why he is the best husband around.

a little getaway is exactly what we needed since school is starting soon for me, and misters last CPA test is coming up. we started our celebration on wednesday night with some swimming in the pool and a trip to ruby's for a yummy dinner and dessert...and yes i took pictures of all of our food!
even if its "kinda weird...bare with me" :)

thursday morning we went to the hotel's bistro cafe and ordered some yummy breakfast.
next for the day was some more swimming in the pool, lunch & relaxing in our hotel room where we watched a movie and took a much needed nap. 

thursday night we walked around downtown palm springs and explored the farmers market. 
when we were married last year we stayed in marina del rey a few nights before our official bahamas honeymoon.  one of those nights we went to rite aid and bought a quart of ice cream and enjoyed it back at the hotel. we decided to make this our anniversary tradition, and enjoyed as much ice cream as our hearts desired while watching tv from the comfort of our bed.

friday morning, our actual one year anniversary, was spent enjoying some more early morning hotel breakfast, movie watching and saying goodbye to palm springs...only to have to go back since i forgot my favorite shoes in the hotel room!!! oops. i had a lot of fun spending so much time with mister, whether it was while he was acting like he was five (like most men usually do), or when he was being his sweet hunky self. 

we ended our night with a trip to the los angeles temple, and a dinner date with my parents...
more on that to come!