Friday, August 12, 2011

hoping, praying, wishing!

three more weeks & we get to say goodbye to our not so favorite apartment.
hopefully we are on to bigger and better renting a house?!
i hope so. like really really hope so!
its in the same ward, next to mister's good friend, and still down the street from my mom!
never did i think we would be living in a house so soon, 
but after a hell of a year we've had, something good was bound to happen...and i think this is it.
i'm still not sure how pack, since i moved stuff out of my mom's house gradually, so hopefully i'm not going crazy when the end of the month rolls around. 
please feel free to share your ideas of getting hundreds (not kidding) of shirts/dresses/pants packed.
trash bags? plastic containers? cardboard boxes?
in the mean while we are cleaning, packing, working...a lot!, cooking, studying, starting school, trying not to kill each other some days, and love bugs the other days!

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  1. We have moved a lot....and the best thing for clothes are trash bags with the hangers making a hole so you can grab them. It is like making your own dry cleaning bag, only they can fit a lot, and they are cheaper.
    Pack dishes with dish cloths and other towels that are clean.
    We have always got boxes from the grocery stores, apple boxes are the best size ever!
    Good luck with the move!!! The ward is always a great help too, they are so kind to help any way that they can.
    Watch where you put TV's and computers, not by magnets. I wish I could help you!