Wednesday, June 15, 2011

crystal cove

Last week, hubby was feeling a little adventurous and decided we were going on a hike. Since we both had the day off, and the weather was nice, we ventured out to newport beach to the Crystal Cove state park trails. I learned that i'm not as adventurous as i used to be/ thought i was while going down the steep parts of the hike {i made david hold my hand like half the time} & i'm maybe a little too protective of how close mister can walk to the edges of the trail {i'd like to finish the hike with my husband next to me...not at the bottom of the mountain}. After we finished the couple hour hike, we used our $15 pass (yeah...just to park) to go across the street to the beach.  The beach squirrels definitely made the fifteen dollars worth it. They were super cute, and surprisingly friendly.

this last picture reminds me of our trip to hawaii in may 09...
minus the rain & misters really long hair?!


  1. How far away is that from Bob and Janet's house?

  2. um not exactly sure but im thinking about an hour or so...its about 25 minutes from our house in LB.
    by the this ben?

  3. Yeah, that looks like a fun place

  4. yeah you guys should go when you're down. there are different trails you can take (longer ones) and the beach is really nice.