Monday, May 23, 2011

wedding countdown!

Today marks 19 days until miss meagan gets married and goes from m.good to m.rice! i am beyond excited for her. She had both of her bridal showers this past week, and got lots of fun stuff. It was so fun to spend time with the girls and catch up on whats happening with everyone. 

After the bridal shower, us bridesmaids headed over to rubys to get some yummy shakes and have some more girl talk. 

We are all so excited for the bachelorette party in palm springs next week! hopefully its nice and hot outside so we can get a little color before the wedding.  When you put the four of us together everything is funny, and things get a little crazy. Last year at my bachelorette party they dressed me up like madonna, got me some wild presents, and we went dancing in LA! this picture pretty much sums it up:
hahaha...SO needless to say, miss meagan is in for it BIG TIME!


i found these cute pictures of some of my nieces and nephews on my camera!
i sure do love & miss these little kids!
baby khloe
carter, the poser!
troy boy!
the big boy austin!

it's officially summertime for me!
this means no more school, but more time to work.
hopefully i can fit the beach & m.good's pool/jacuzzi & tanning somewhere in there...
better start working on my bikini body!

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