Monday, May 16, 2011

mother dear

i know mother's day has come and gone, but i think everyday is a perfect day to celebrate our mothers and to show them how much they mean to us. 

my mom has been my best friend since i can remember.  i can remember coming home from kindergarten eating bologna sandwiches with doritos and watching the afternoon soap operas with her.  When my baby brother was born, i remember holding him all the time and always wanting to give him love, just like my mom did.  I think this is when i made up my mind, that all i wanted to be when i grew up was a mom.  In third grade we made posters of our future careers we wanted to have.  Loving country music, i naturally dreamed of being a country singer.  I also taped a ring on the poster and wrote down, wife and mom.  I'm pretty sure i am the only one who had this as their future aspiration.  Being the only girl in my family, i was so lucky to be able to spend so much time with my mom.  We went scrapbooking almost every friday when i was in middle school.  I used to be her sidekick when she sold pampered chef, i mastered that apple peeler/corer/slicer!  In high school girls would complain about how they hated their parents, and how they couldn't wait to move out and go away for school.  I felt so sorry for them.  I was either out to lunch with my mom, or talking to her on the phone while i ate lunch at school.  It was a quick "hey, what are you doing, what have you been doing?" conversation, but i will always cherish those few minute phone calls.  My friends used to ask, "who are you talking to on the phone?" and they were so surprised when i was would say, "my mom."  All of my girlfriends knew within a couple weeks that my mom was my best friend.  I am so grateful i was chosen to be part of the family i am in today. I am even more grateful that i was lucky enough to get the mom that i did.  She is strong, beautiful, funny, smart, passionate, and loving. 

My favorite memory of my mom and i happened on my wedding day.  She was there by my side getting ready to be sealed to the mister.  When i walked into the sealing room she was there waiting for me. I remember being so so nervous to look at david, thinking i might start to cry, so i looked at my mom.  She was the last person i hugged as i left the sealing room, and the first person i saw in the bride's room. She helped me put my dress on, and make sure everything was perfect for when i walked out of the temple with my husband.  When i was ready to go see david, i gave my mom a hug and kiss, and told her i loved her.  This memory is one i will  never forget.  

happy mothers day mom, i love you the most and i know i can speak for the brothers too and say you are the best mom ever. 

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favorite son in law, davey
the honey baby, frank
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  1. I love her too!
    This was a great post and a wonderful tribute to a wonderful mom/and friend! I hope that Hailey will love me like that.
    Miss you and your great family.