Wednesday, March 2, 2011


yes, its been forever since i last blogged.
school, work, and studying and a little bit of drama have taken over our lives.

i can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for hubby. he's done, for right now, with all of his CPA tests. we are just awaiting the results to see if he passed the last two! its bittersweet for me. i'm so proud of him, and all the time and effort he has put into passing the tests, but i know once he is finished, he'll get a job at an accounting firm, and i'll never get to see him during busy season. i guess you can't have your cake and eat it too!

valentines day was over two weeks ago, but can i just tell you how happy i am that its over?! valentines day is good for cookie sales. i felt like work was never-ending. i'd be happy never glazing and decorating another heart shaped cookie again! i'm so grateful to have a fun job, though...and that my ten hour days were spent with fun coworkers. on another valentines day note...ours was pretty uneventful. haha. we got sushi and went home and watched tv. and i didn't take a picture of any of it! oops

the countdown is on for m.good's wedding! less than four months until she is a wifey. im so excited for her and can't wait to get everything put together for the big day. i know she is going to make the most gorgeous bride ever ever ever!

i'll try to be more of a blogger and take some pictures with my awesome new camera!
goodnight ya'll

p.s- can i just say i love my mom. she is the best thing ever, and im so lucky to have her. like the luckiest daughter ever. just thought she deserved a shout out!

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