Sunday, November 21, 2010

love and family

there's been a lot of work, school, and studying going on.
not much together time since david has been studying like a mad man to be ready for his CPA test next week, and i'm either at school or work all day everyday.
i am thankful for the time we do get friday nights when we get to go out to dinner.
or saturdays at the USC game.

i also am thankful that i married into an amazing other family.
with fun sisters and a awesome mom....and lots of cute nieces and nephews.

 even when their mom's dress them in snowsuits...KALITA! haha

school is over in a month which means tests, tests, tests for the next 4 weeks.
i'll be happy to be done with anatomy...only to start physiology next semester.
cowboy is his silly self, always funny, sweet, loving, with a tad bit of bratty mixed in.

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  1. Have a merry Christmas, you and your new hubby! There is nothing like the first Christmas, as husband and wife!
    Please tell everyone hi, and wish them a very merry Christmas from us.
    The Palmers